Standard C library

Introducing the standard C library. It mainly introduces frequently used functions.

The standard C library can be used by include the standard header.

#include <string.h>

List of standard C libraries

A list of frequently used standard C libraries. Introduced by header name.

stdio.h Standard input / output functions, etc.
string.h String operations, memory copy functions, etc.
stdlib.h Memory allocation function etc.
stdint.h Define integer type with size guarantee
float.h Floating point type maximum / minimum values, etc.
stddef.h NULL definition etc.
assert.h Assertion function


Where is the standard C library implementation?

The implementation of the standard C library is implemented in each processing system, and the C compiler links it by default, so you can use it just by reading the header file.

In the case of gcc, the standard C library is implemented by a library called glibc.

C Language Function Dictionary

This is an introduction to the C language function dictionary site. The C99-compatible introduction to C language focuses on functions that are frequently used in practice, so it is very helpful if you want to know all the functions.

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