The implementation of the programming language Perl is written in C

The implementation of the programming language Perl is written in C.

The Perl source code is maintained on Git and can be found on Github.

if statement and for statement is a C language grammar, but the implementation of Perl itself is actually implemented in C language.

Including grammar that can be written as "if (num = 1) {}" and criticized as a drawback of C language such as operator precedence Perl respects the C grammar.

Perl is a language that is naturally usable by software engineers who have learned the C language in the introduction to programming, and in this respect, the learning cost is low.

Python development team criticizes C

The Python development team has long criticized the ability to write the grammar "if (num = 1) {}" in C as a drawback of C, but it's more of a trivial part than it's essentially a problem. I feel like something.

Before seeking a fair comparison, we encourage you to refrain from gaining political status or gaining market share in negative public relations.

Speaking only in the field of deep learning, Perl says AI::MXNet. There is a library of deep learning.

Other programming languages ​​implemented in C

In addition to Perl, PHP, Ruby, and Python, which are dynamic programming languages ​​that appeared after Perl, are also implemented in C language.

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